You 2.0

I have been on a personal journey as of late focused on self-growth regarding my mind, body, and spirit. Part of my journey has been acknowledging my shortcomings and setting up my blueprints for success. That has meant surrounding myself with inspiration, finding support, and putting out that same energy. One of the things I think has helped that too few people utilize is technology. I may have mentioned a few times that I am an Iron Man fan, some might say thee Iron Man fan, and some call me Iron Man. I mention this because part of that comes with my beliefs that we can all improve, and tech can help in that pursuit.

We may not be able to augment our bodies with nanities yet, but we can still use tech to help magnify our potential and expand it. How many apps do you have dedicated to helping you reach your goals? The most frequently used apps on my phone are my fitness apps like Fitbit and Asken Diet. I take my fitness pretty seriously and use apps to track and prompt my diet, exercise, sleep patterns, guided meditation, and yoga. I utilize them to the max, similar to how I use my Mint, Vanguard, and Robinhood Apps to help manage my finances but is there more I could do? Yes! I also use social media apps filtered to be in line with my goals. When I use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, I have people who I follow who I want to emulate or gain insight from, but I also share my advice. I help build and sustain the community and feed I want to be part of. That is something people forget they have power over social media and your online persona is a mirror just like your feed. What you value is what you see when building You 2.0 pick the right incentives.

As you are building yourself, remember to be patient with yourself. We are all works in progress, and it is never too late to change. A growth mindset is the first step. A growth mindset requires acknowledging that setbacks are part of life but with effort and action, you can reach your goals.

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