We Have Failed Men

Our institutions are failing men. We keep asking what we can do to stop white supremacist violence while ignoring the obvious answers. White supremacist violence, just like gang violence, drug violence, domestic violence, and all other forms of violence, is mainly committed by men. Men commit and are the victims of most violence. With that in mind, think about how society has changed with more men falling out of the workforce, falling behind in education, failing in dating and partnering, and being in increasingly more economically precarious positions.

A quick analysis from Scott Galloway and Andrew Yang
1) Men are 2x as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD
2) Men are 9x likely to be incarcerated
3) Men are less likely to finish High School
4) Men are only 40% of college enrollees
5) Men’s median wages are falling
6) More men 18–34 live with parents than a partner
7) About 33% are unemployed or out of the workforce
8) Men are 2x likely to die of an overdose and 3.5x more likely to commit suicide
None of this sounds like a healthy society.

These are all contributing facts we do not seem to give attention to until a lone wolf shooter who fits into all these categories commits an act of violence. But why not before? We all see more young men disillusioned with their direction in life and their prospects, but we do nothing to help or reach out to them as a society. Where people traditionally have found a connection in their church, community, friends, and or family. While we can not rebuild those, we can address the income inequality issues and should.

Investing more in schools to develop students’ character and skills, so they can make better decisions and provide for themselves is the base of the liberal project, yet we neglect men. We need more focus on giving men good role models and investing in making them viable partners. I know how this sounds, but men and women are dissatisfied with relationship prospects women can’t find suitable men, and men can’t meet the shifting demands on them. Data shows couples tend to be happier, healthier, and more stable than single people. Also, there is no reason the government shouldn’t engage in a little social engineering to improve the prospects of citizens, especially if the payoff is a safer society where fewer people become radicalized. We as a society watched as jobs that provided meaning to people and gave the ability to people to start or support a family left; we let cities become hollowed out, and now is the time to fix that.



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