The Importance of Mentorship

“It takes a whole village to raise a child”

One of the things I’ve been focused on as I have aged is personal growth and how to sustain it. When I was younger, I thought this was an internal thing, something I could do alone by focusing on improving my skills. Lift a little more, read and study, work hard, save, meditate, and if that didn’t work, double down, but I learned something while listening to a podcast about the importance of finding mentors and being a mentor for others.

Have you ever listened to a company’s earnings call? They usually have a board of directors, a CEO, and others all managing a company and talking about how to grow the company and its fundamentals. These people work on taking an assessment and try to improve the company the same way a mentorship would work for a person. We all are the main character in our own story, but sometimes we can not see the forest through the trees or need someone to kick us in the ass or push back on bad decisions. Building connections, giving feedback, finding opportunities, or pushing you forward having a team to work as a counterweight or support for yourself is invaluable.

I have found myself using social media, work functions, alumni networking events, and other social functions to connect to people doing things I aspire to or who might be able to help me reach my goals I have also been changing up my social circle to cultivate and develop more meaningful connections. I can improve, but sometimes I might not know how to or what to improve which is why I am focused on not only being a role model for others but being teachable and that means listening.



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