The greatest show on earth

Credit to the Ringling brothers

I’m tired, are you tired; I think we are all tired. If you are tired, exhausted, frustrated, I get it. I feel it. The minimum wage, free college, collective bargaining legislation, voting rights, prescription drug reform failed. We thought the pandemic would be over; we thought working towards a better world pushing a better vision for America would be enough. It is not, and the fight is still on. There is still time on the clock, but every moment is vital. There are five tracks the Democrats can use, and there is no reason they can’t blend them.

  1. Compromise on legislation like minimum wage, sick pay, child care, immigration, police reform, and labor protections.
  2. Pass what you can in Build Back Better and stage show votes to get Republicans obstruction of our vision on record to run against in 2022.
  3. Focus on the issues Americans are concerned about; education, the economy, crime, and immigration.
  4. Run on what you have done. The bipartisan infrastructure deal, tech manufacturing package, covid relief, vaccine rollout, test expansion all show forward motion and may pay dividends by election time. In short, taming the virus and inflation while expanding the safety net is a winning hand.
  5. Do nothing. That is it. Democrats can do nothing. I wouldn’t pick this option, but they seem content with it.

I do not think this should be left to them especially considering they seem intent on 5. We need to continue to push do not let the play distract us. That is why mass mobilization against not just the rotating vilians of Manchin and Sinema but pushing against all of our elected officials is necessary. Voting out officials stalling progress on our agenda not only conveys the message people are fed up with the show and helps us pass it! Both parties are to blame, and we need them to hear us collectively and for them to respond. Call, text, email, mail, mobilize, organize, demonstrate, do whatever you can and feel comfortable doing. Remember that sometimes outside pressure may seem ineffective, but politicians see and respond to the optics, and in an age of social media, our impact is amplified. Democracy is not a spectator sport, and sometimes contact is necessary.



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