Take Manchin’s Deal

Senator Bernie Sanders has been voicing the frustration of many Democrats with the failure of Build Back Better to pass. I’m just as frustrated with the negotiations and think the party didn’t manage their control of congress well, but they did some good. Continuing to fight amongst each other is the worst decision they could make as of now, it doesn’t deliver to voters and distracts the party as Republicans continue their assault on the rights of workers, minorities, women, LGBTQ individuals, environmental protections, and more.The Democratic party started with a robust transformation of the social safety net but is now looking at a tinkering of the margins of healthcare, and maybe that isn’t a failure.

Democrats have done and have the opportunity to do a lot. They presided over one of the fastest recoveries in modern history, passed legislation that helped households endure inflations and shortages resulting from the pandemic, passed bills to increase American manufacturing, increased green energy investments, and repaired our crumbling infrastructure. Any of these alone would be a “big fucking deal!” as President Joe Biden might say, but now facing raging inflation and failed negotiations, it seems the last things they will or can pass are the CHIPS act and a slim reconciliation bill focused on healthcare, and honestly that is enough.


I’m a Democrat and watched as my party has done what it can to protect households and passing the CHIPS act and Reconciliation bill continues that work. Expanding manufacturing jobs and bringing down healthcare costs could be the final pitch to all voters we are competent, we can govern, and we are focused on helping you. A recovery that sees a decline in inflation will allow us to hold or expand our majority. If Democrats can hold their majority, they will have more time to rebuild the safety net but doing nothing guarantees we not only don’t get the chance, but we watch Americans suffer unnecessarily. Dems would be smart to take the deal and sell the work they did and the work they will continue doing for the American people.





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