Michigan revisits right to work

De'Andre Crenshaw
2 min readMar 11, 2023


The Michigan House recently passed a provision to repeal the 2013 law known as the Freedom to Work Law. While the name is catchy, its primary goal was not to increase your freedom to work, as it is a law targeted at union funding. The law prohibited closed shops or places that restricted employment to only dues-paying members but also required unionized workplaces to cover non-union members the same way. The law is a problem because it encourages a free rider problem where unions have to expend limited resources to cover people without the financial resources they get from dues, requiring them to provide a service for free was a significant stressor on existing unions and unions attempting to start up.

State legislatures have continued to push anti labor laws with support of big business, why shouldn’t we reverse this trend? We know Republicans only back this because as Axios reports it lowers wages and support for Democrats.

Michigan is one of 27 states to carry the anti-labor rights practice and is one step closer to becoming one of the first states in decades to reverse it. Unfortunately, even if it passes because of a Supreme Court ruling that barred public sector union dues from being compulsory still in place, regardless the law is a step forward for worker rights.

While it is easier to sell individuals on the prospect of keeping more of their paycheck to themselves, the benefits of union membership are significant.

Compared to non-union jobs, unions can often tout.
*Higher pay
*Collective bargaining
*increased job security
*Better benefits
*Better training and support

While it is earlier to get excited as the bill now heads to the Senate, where Republican opposition will be stiff, this shows state Democrats are fighting for workers. Republicans will make arguments about costs to business or try to say it is unpopular but some of the fastest-growing states do not have these laws on the books, and the real aim is Republicans’ anti-labor mindset. As we are seeing a resurgent labor movement we need to do what we can to aid its growth and call Republicans out for their fake support for workers.