Jason Whitlock and The Blaze

Do we honestly need a conservative version of sports journalism? Let me be clear about what I am not talking saying. I do not mean conservatives should not be able to be a journalist. I also do not mean they should not be able to talk about their beliefs or views. But I am saying we do not need to platform bigotry. I listen to conservative news’ favorite bigot Jason Whitlock. At first, it was to see the conservative’s funhouse-mirror version of sports journalism; but then it became something else. Something that disappointed me became vacillating between hate-watching and entertainment wondering how the shock jock would up the ante.

In each episode, Whitlock would go on his tirades against mixed-race people, atheists, the LGBTQ agenda, liberals, China, Basketball, ESPN, the mainstream media, the things conservatives hate. But what is often lacking is what should be the basis of the show. Lost in all the cultural critiques is actual sports analysis. Instead of talking about an aging LeBron and Lakers team that is struggling to get chemistry, Whitlock is attacking LeBron’s activism. Instead of devoting time to a single Women’s tennis game, he is creating a wedge. A wedge in which they unlike the other “woke sports” are standing up to China.

Whitlock (who has been fired by most other sports networks) has no problem telling you so and then some. He takes time to trash their on-air personalities, writers, producers, and so on. It all comes across as petty, small, and sometimes personal. He frequently attacks by name people’s lifestyle choices, marriages, sincerity, or intelligence. Whitlock also devotes as much time as possible to attack the godless atheist, corporate media, and so on. What does any of this have to do with sports? Nothing and that is the shame of it. He is a great sports analyst but he wastes his talent playing a conservative provocateur enflaming a culture war. We all deserve better than this and the Blaze should be ashamed of this product. Oh and as a listener of the show and constant punching bag (a Black guy who cares about social justice, is agnostic, and interracially dates) fuck you Whitlock, and fuck the Blaze.



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