Hot Date Summer

Hey, sorry it has been a minute since my last article. How is your summer going? Summer is one of my favorite seasons. I enjoy going to beaches, BBQs, festivals, and other outdoor functions. Social functions like these allow you to make new connections. It also reminds me as people reemerge from winter hibernation and put down the dating apps, there is opportunity.

How often have you been at a party and said, “there are tons of cute single people here?”. Did you find a connection? Did you ask them out? You definitely should have asked them out if you didn’t. If you are at a party, you know someone, and people at the event, are vetted by the host, so you share some interests. Sometimes asking a friend for information about someone you are interested in and leading with something cheesy and forward like “I’m single and sick of dating apps; anyone else that feels the same?” can work.

The best thing you can do for yourself this summer is the following.
1) Put yourself in more social situations.
2)Try to meet someone new each day.
3)Be a good listener.
4) Be patient, not everyone is going to be a yes.
5) Be fun, flirty, and interesting.
6) Work on yourself and put the best version of yourself out there every day!



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