For The People Act

The For the People Act is one of the Democratic Party’s legislative priorities focused on voting rights, election security, campaign finance reform, ethics, statehood for D.C., gerrymandering, and reforming the federal election commission. This is a much-needed reform of our election system one that makes our government not only more democratic but more responsive to voters. This is a good thing. For too long we have had American voters who are angered by both parties not meeting their needs the following provisions help change that. Starting with voting rights, expanding early voting, establishing automatic voter registration, and same-day voter registration protects the rights of all Americans to have control over their government. Election security is also addressed by protecting and filing paper backups of votes, and have U.S. made machines. The next is a long-term issue for Democrats, but honestly all Americans, campaign finance reforms. Not only would it allow for voluntary matching donations with the hope of getting more people into the public financing system. It would require super PACs and other dark money groups (groups that put up ads for or against a candidate but aren’t the candidate) to disclose who their donors are. On to ethics, this has been on the top of people’s minds after Trump’s presidency. Not only does it require Presidential, and Vice Presidential candidates to disclose their income tax returns, but also prevents the use of taxpayer money to settle employment discrimination suits. The Supreme Court would also require the Judicial Conference to establish rules for the Supreme Court which doesn’t have ethics standards yet. They also want to make D.C. a state which would add House and Senate representation, this is much needed as we should want to expand enfranchisement to all Americans. Another part is to take on gerrymandering switching from the state by state party controlled redistricting that often draws districts to gain power for either party to five-part criteria set up by a 15 member panel 5 Dems, 5 Rep, 5 Independents. The five criteria are population equality, compliance with the voting rights act, compliance with racial requirements (no purposeful dilution of minorities), respect for political subdivisions, and communities of interest, and finally no undue advantage for any party. This is a great way to correct partisan gerrymandering. Finally, the last provision changes the FEC to an odd number so decisions and new rules and regulations are more likely to occur.

This bill would be a bold step to make our state more small d democratic, and more responsive to voters if you are interested in supporting it I have a few links below to do so, and a little more thorough info.

Resources on the bill

(Addition, one of the biggest pushbacks I received after writing this was about voter verification. This bill still allows for voter ID, I think they should expand, and pay for valid IDs for all voters but that isn’t in this instead it allows for people to give a sworn statement to verify their identity unless they are first-time voters who registered by mail.)

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