Everlasting love and Humanism

First off, I am not religious. Second off, I am uncertain of my beliefs in regards to god. But what I do know is we have this life, and we ought to make the best of it. That is where I have channeled my energy and where I have arranged my beliefs. This value system has commonly been called humanism. Humanism is the philosophy that centers morality around humanity, uses reason and science to fix problems, and is focused on human rights for all.

Getting to a point where I could say that was a long and challenging process for me to get. Society pressures people to belong to a religion and center their life around a diety when people do not, people are confused. In some cases, nonreligious people face additional scrutiny or are ostracized. Questions usually center around how do you tell right from wrong? While I do not think a belief system is necessary because I believe people are inherently good and try not to harm, I offer humanism.

I offer humanism because I believe in people and hope you do too. Much like traditional religion, my practiced humanism, which may vary from others, has morality, practices, and rituals of sorts.

1) I meditate weekly to center myself. Meditation allows me to practice and focus on acceptance, ripens my confidence, and gives me space to self-examine all in my sanctuary.

2) Give back. I believe that the world we have is all we have, and we should endeavor to improve it with what time we have. Whether through volunteering, donations, mentoring, or helping those in need, all of this builds a sense of purpose and shows what humans can do.

3) Practice unconditional and everlasting love. Love is the most fundamental thing to me. Loving your fellow man and yourself means having compassion and forgiveness for all. The practice is hard at first but, without it, you only harm and debase yourself. All human life has value and is deserving of love. Daily affirmations for yourself and others are a good best practice.

I wanted to give this insight to help others on a similar journey or struggling to find meaning in life. Living with the question of the unknown and despite it allows you to develop your critical thinking, problem-solving reasoning. The uncertainty is difficult, but I know you can do it, and the progress you are making is worth it. Give yourself time, and practice patience and kindness to yourself. Humanism is a belief system of love, and I hope you share this with others.



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