Electoral Count Act

After the 2020 election, people on the left, right, and center realized how vulnerable our democracy was. Many observers understood the foreign threats of hacking, psyops, and other forms of election meddling few thought of internal meddling. And even fewer thought it would involve the president. Other than and Michael Cohen, who correctly called Trump resisting leaving office. Few voices thought he would disregard the rule of law and a peaceful transfer of power.

There is an attempt to make it both sides problem. Conservatives are trying to draw parallels to Stacy Abrams’s governor race or Gore’s presidential race, neither involved a sitting official attempting to use state power to decertify a free and fair election. But the National Review and other conservatives are sticking to their narrative. That is probably necessary for their readers and to build support for reform. So best to leave that alone, but this is an issue. The fact that either party can exploit these poorly written laws to overturn a free and fair election should be cause for concern for all voters and we need to correct these issues.

Any election reform should be two parts. First reforming the electoral count act by making it clear the VP can not overturn the election, and legators can not overturn the will of their voters we can protect our elections. Second, they should set of how states can conduct elections to prevent fraud or the appearance of fraud to cast doubt on the election. That should include as I have previously mentioned , early voting, clear ballot collection rules, and safe and secure drop boxes for all 50 states. Setting a floor for all those and controlling the parameters helps delegitimize any attempts to cast doubt and protects voters. This is especially true for minority voters targeted by signature matches, voter purges, and other dubious means partisans use to drive down turnout or deprive them of their votes.

Free and fair elections and increasing voter turnout are two of the most admirable goals for any democracy, a democratic republic or not. This should be something that can find bipartisan buy-in. Multiple states, even under Republicans have expanded voter enfranchisement and no one should want another .



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