Congressional Black Caucus

Post the racial awakening caused by George Floyd’s murder we need to reevaluate our goals and strategy. We have public support, racial representation, and a friendly government but lack structure and organization. There are so many groups sprouting up and existing ones that have found new purposes. But they are outside the halls of power, and we need to focus on the inside game. We can march and pressure politicians, but we also need a competent body to enact changes.

That is where the Congressional Black Caucus comes in. I have previously talked about the NAACP and its advocacy, but they are not congress members, so they can not pass legislation the CBC is. The CBC is a voluntary association of Black congress members with the stated mission of helping all marginalized communities achieve the American dream. I support the group but feel it is limited because it fails to adjust. The CBC is nonpartisan, but after the defeats of its Republican members has been seen as a partisan body. That perception limits its ability to legislate and should be corrected as there are numerous Black Republican congressmen.

Some of these Black Republicans exist solely to be contrarian and build their careers around that others can be worked with, and it is worth discerning the two. The ones you can find common ground with should be pursued as the same policies that face our communities face all communities. We should all want the government to solve our biggest issues regarding housing, healthcare, crime, economic mobility, education and so much more. As long as we have a two party system, our government will require Republican and Democrats to work together, and Black Americans need to come together to address our issues. If they want to achieve their vision to give all communities an equal voice in policy they have to be willing to work across the aisle, and we should encourage just that.



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