Building Back Better

Democrats are looking at a likely loss of one or both chambers of congress meaning they will likely see the end of Biden’s domestic policy, which means they should be prepping to prioritize what they can pass to help their voters. Looking back, they have done a lot.

  • Passed The American Rescue Plan, which spurred on the fastest recovery in recent memory and possibly ever.
  • Passed the bipartisan infrastructure law that will create jobs and renovate our infrastructure, physical and digital.
  • Got Mexico to invest 1.5 billion in securing the border, and implementing smart tech.
  • Unified and expanded NATO.
  • Ended the congressional log jam and passed a gun reform law, something not done in decades.
  • Biden will soon sign The Bipartisan CHIPS act, which will bring back even more good-paying manufacturing jobs to communities hollowed out by trade.
  • Biden is also planning to get a deal to extend The ACA subsidies and give Medicare the ability to negotiate drug prices.

Democrats and Biden have also clarified where they stand on cultural issues and the rights of minorities. Voting rights, the right to marry, contraceptives, and gender-affirming care, Democrats have forced tough votes on Republicans who are on the wrong side of many of these issues to cast their votes against diversity and pluralism.

But that isn’t enough. We as Democrats need to make clear to the broader electorate what we will do for them and if we lose control of Congress what we will continue to do. That is why President Biden, ahead of the midterms should begin holding bipartisan talks around the issues on voters’ minds inflation, crime, childcare, and the economy. He can start with No Labels (the bipartisan House and Senate group) but should highlight individual politicians who are working on bills or policies that should be nationalized or could be a compromise that will pass they have a few reconciliation attempts left. Senators Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton have a decent bill focused on raising the minimum wage and increasing verification to limit illegal workers and protect American jobs. Sen. Romney also has a slimmed-down child tax credit. Senators Jon Tester (the only farmer in the senate), Cory Booker, Jeff Merkley, and Elizabeth Warren have bills aimed at agriculture mergers. Senator Warnock has his focus on expanding Medicaid in the states that haven’t mostly Republican-controlled and disproportionately hurting poor and minority voters (Democrats base). Hispanic Democrats, including Senator Padilla, has been focused on immigration. Senator Rubio has some minor legislation regarding unionization and helping workers. While all these bills aren’t likely to pass and may need some work, they allow us to frame the issue and push for good policy even if we can’t pass it all now. We need to let voters know whose side we are on and what is at stake. A policy fight while we control the floor shows which party has ideas and wants to help and which is just faking it.



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